Wedding Recaps – intro

In my head, I envision a nice, orderly progression of posts where I  lay out all our wedding details and vendors and writeups.  In reality, I just want to start shouting things as they enter my brain because I still feel scatterbrained.  I also want to wait until I have “real” photos to show you, because I know they are going to be amazing and beautiful and I might as well show them along with the pieces of our wedding I want to talk about.

So, here’s how I think it’s going to play out.  Long ago, I gave up writing about our wedding planning process as we went, realizing that I just didn’t have the time to sit down and do it properly.  I think now I’ll go through the main aspects as we found them/booked them/did something with them.  I’m also not going to talk about our wedding straight through (although, I could!) so there will probably be random posts sprinkled here and there.  I know – totally disorganized – just go with it.

Have I mentioned how much I loved our wedding and the days surrounding it?  It was just amazing and awesome and totally fun.


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