And then we partied

Again, I didn’t take many pictures of our bachelorette party weekend.  It may make me a bad blogger, but I was too busy enjoying myself and the company of three lovely ladies to think about pulling out my camera.

The boys spent a long weekend in Vegas for Travis’ bachelor party, so we took a not-quite-as-long weekend up to the Central Coast so I could revisit some of my favorite spots in and around San Luis Obispo.  Cami found us a cute little rental house in Cayucos, which ended up being perfect and way more fun than a hotel.  It also ended up being the Zinfandel Festival weekend in Paso Robles, which meant lots of fun wine stops AND food tastings.

Our first stop in SLO was Firestone Grill for their tri tip sandwich.  This is a sandwich I still think about, years after leaving SLO and Cal Poly.  It’s a sandwich so good, Travis thinks about it every time someone mentions tri tip.  I have yet to find a sandwich anywhere else that is equally satisfying.  I don’t know if it’s the garlic bread bun, or the sauce, or the tender tri tip, but it’s amazing.  I wish I had one right now.  April didn’t understand why we were making such a fuss over the tri tip until she had one, and then she jokingly asked if we could get one for breakfast.

It started pouring just as we ordered, so we stood around this little wall bar until the table next to us left.  And once we were done, we ran back to the car in the pouring rain.  I’d complain about the rain, but it made a nice backdrop for the mineral hot springs we went to later, plus I think it kept the crowds away from Paso Robles.

We had a sort-of game plan for Paso Robles, but really we just ended up going to the wineries that had the tastiest foods set out.  We started with one where they were grilling duck breast and lamb chops, then headed to one with the crepes stand (and lots of barrel tastings).  There was one with chocolate fondue and Fritos, red vines, brownies, and shortbread (and, um, wine).  And one with a Vegemite tasting bar (verdict = salty and weird and not for us).  That one was Croad, which had a New Zealand background.  I bought a fancy bottle of wine there for Travis and I to store in an anniversary box.  I know, in total, we stopped at six wineries.  But, we also split a tasting at each one, so I don’t think anyone got too tipsy.  It made for a really fun day!  We ended it with a stop at a cheese shop, picking up a cheese plate and other nibbles and then we played games back at the rental house with a bottle of wine.

Cami had made us all matching shirts, which were adorable, and had our names and “roles” on them.  I wish the weather had been nicer so we weren’t always bundled up in jackets, but we knew we had them on!

No late nights, crazy clubbing, or even drunken antics, but it was exactly how I envisioned my bachelorette party – spending time with the girls I love and just enjoying ourselves before the craziness.


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