the wedding shoes that were (and weren’t)

I had to clear my memory cards so there’s plenty of room for photos of Greece, which means you may actually get some posts while I’m gone.

These are shoes I bought just a couple of weeks before the wedding.  It really wasn’t my fault – had just made me a VIP member and Macy’s gave me 30% off if I bought 3 pairs.

The ones on the lazy susan (I wonder if Travis knows I put my shoes on the dining table…) are Enzo Angiolini’s and were beautiful shiny blue, but they squeezed my toes just a little too much.  I thought they would probably stretch with wear, but for $100 I didn’t love them enough to find out.  So, I returned them.

The other three came from Macy’s – Rampage, Marc Fisher, and Style & Co.  The Rampage ones (with the blue bow) were too cute to pass up, I needed some new black heels for work, and the fancy blue ones on the right ended up being my wedding heels.  They have a platform, so the height isn’t too bad and they ended up being the perfect height for the dress.  I love them and I’ll definitely end up wearing them on a day to day basis.

I also ended up ordering some wedding flats, which was a good decision since I ended up wearing those flats for most of the night.  Super comfy yet cute blue Clarks. I’m wondering, though, if my decision to change into flats made my dress drag a bit lower, and that’s why I kept getting stepped on… or maybe I would have gotten stepped on anyway.

And then, since we’re talking about shoes, I ordered a new pair of Privos (I LOVE Privos) because I needed a new pair for walking around in during our cruise.  I mean, obviously, the five pairs of Privos I already own wouldn’t do. They are super comfy and I’m wondering which pair I should wear on the plane.

Technically, these shoes don’t all fit in my shoe closet, but don’t tell Travis…


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