Counting down!

Saurday marked our 3-week countdown, which was kind of surreal.  We had a lazy morning, so by the time we were getting showered and ready to leave the house, I noted that at the same time in 3 weeks, we’d be getting dressed at the castle, ready to do our first look.  Weird!

I’ve been pretty well-restrained these last couple of weeks – not much bread or sugar and I’ve been trying to get some exercise in most days of the week.  The scale says I’m losing weight, but I think I’m doing the best I can.  At the very least, I don’t feel guilty about what I am or am not doing.  I think the dress will fit just fine in another week when I see it for my second fitting.

We’ve finalized our ceremony with our officiant, which is probably having the biggest effect on me.  Seeing it written down and thinking about how it’s all going to go makes it seem very real.  I’m already thinking about all the places I can stash tissues because just reading parts of the ceremony makes me start tearing up!

I’ve purchased more shoes in the name of this wedding than I ever thought possible.  I just bought another pair that I think will be “it” (they’re very comfy), but we’ll see when I take them to my next dress fitting.  Of course, I also bought new shoes because they were totally cute and because I needed a new pair of black heels for work.

Decorations and signs are getting organized and finalized and placed into boxes and bags.  We have one more consultation meeting with our wedding coordinator and then a walkthrough of the castle to visualize and pull it all together.  We still need to pick songs for the processional, recessional, first dance, last dance, father/daughter and mother/son dances.

My lovely girls threw me an amazing bridal dower and then we spent a long weekend in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, eating and drinking and just having a good ol’ time.

Our favorite restaurant in Poway, Luc’s Bistro has been so nice and helpful working with us so we can have our rehearsal dinner there while still managing our budget.  I’m totally excited about having a cupcake truck at our house for dessert afterwards.

I know these next few weeks are going to fly by and I think the biggest thing to worry about will be making sure my work load at the office will be covered while we’re gone.  I’m so excited about this huge party we’re throwing and having so many of our friends and family here to celebrate with us!  It’s going to be so fun!


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