Ritual Cleanse – Day 2

Day 2 has been pretty much the same as Day 1. Which means I didn’t take a detailed timeline of what I was doing. I already knew what juices I’d be drinking, so there was no element of surprise in opening a bottle. At lunch, I almost opened Bottle #5 instead of Bottle #3 – ha ha, what a mix-up that would have been! (For those of you not playing at home, Bottle #3 and #5 are both green juices, i.e. they are the same, although Bottle #3 allegedly has ginger in it.)

It was still a long day of work, interspersed with cups of tea, bouts of productivity, and me wearing a jacket on and off. I slept about the same as always the night before, but I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm was set to go off. I blame the Cone of Shame-wearing dog who has been sleeping on the bed and hogging space as well as the kitty who likes to sit on my chest in the wee hours and “knead” with her pointy claws. I’d like to tell you I bounced out of bed and turned the alarm off before it ever sounded, being all full of cleansing energy and whatnot, but I hit the snooze button three times because I just didn’t want to get up. I wasn’t even sleepy, just slightly protesting the fact that I still have to go to work every day to earn a living.

Note to self: resume buying lotto tickets.

And then I had to take the dog in to the vet to get her bandage re-wrapped and her stitches inspected. She’s fine, but she has one more re-wrapping before the stitches come out, so the Cone of Shame will remain in place and I assume she will be sleeping on the bed until it’s off. I can’t be the only one who has been revolutionized by watching Up and totally wishing my dog had a talking collar, right? Lexi would totally be the bossy one with the squeaky voice.

So, recap: Same as Day 1. Green juices getting easier to drink. Not craving food as much, but do find myself thinking of sandwiches and pasta periodically. No headaches or excess yawning. Haven’t tried on any tight clothes, yet (come on, it’s only been 1 day!) I did get a little extra hungry around 2 pm.  I think my stomach figured out I’m shortchanging it on food.

Oh! I meant to try and get a workout in, but I just wasn’t up for it today.  But, I did switch the almond Post-Shred for the cashew drink and I like it much better.  It’s less chewy and less cashew-y.  Also, drinking all your meals means you have a lot of free time leftover.  I’m almost not sure what to do with myself and all this extra time.

In other news, the boys left for bachelor-party-Vegas in the afternoon, leaving me with an entire evening to myself, which I love. Technically, I have the place to myself ALL WEEKEND, which is going to be awesome. I’d say I’m going to party it up and eat tons of the food that Travis doesn’t like, but then I’d be eating red cabbage and radishes, which doesn’t sound like much of a party. At least tomorrow’s Friday!


2 responses to “Ritual Cleanse – Day 2

  1. Does your stomach feel swishy drinking all those liquids? How about your energy level?

    It sounds interesting enough that I might do it during those times I feel sluggish.

  2. No, I’ve been sipping each bottle like I would a cup of tea or something. If I was swigging it down, I think I’d get all swishy. It’s kind of weird – between the juices and the occasional cup of tea, by the time I’m hungry (or think I’m hungry), it’s pretty much time to open another bottle.

    I don’t feel energetic enough to for a run or anything, but I kind of blame that on my stuffy nose. I definitely don’t feel tired during the day (or night). And then, at night, by the time I’ve finished the nut drink, I’m not hungry for the rest of the night.

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