I love our engagement photos.  In some of them, Travis has the sweetest smile on his face.  In others, I can totally see why Mandi kept telling him to smile bigger.  I can’t wait to see us all dolled up and married, moments captured for the record.

But I absolutely love the photos Mandi took of us and the pups.  I think there’s one where everyone’s all looking straight ahead and a dozen where someone was not getting with the program.  But we had so much fun and now we have some fun picture of our doggies.

It all makes me feel better about this whole wedding thing that’s consumed our lives. =)

ps – I pulled some of my favorites; you can see them here.


4 responses to “outtakes

  1. Such beautiful pictures! Love the one with all of you (dogs included).
    Good photographer!

  2. Nice! I love outtakes and everyone is so photogenic.

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