Hot Krab Dip

This is what you eat for dinner when you’ve shared a Costco carne asada bake and gelato at 3:00 pm.  I wanted to make a snack for dinner – something not too heavy, something that could be eaten in bites here and there.  There was half a “brick” of cream cheese in the fridge that hadn’t gone bad and a pack of krab in the freezer, along with a bag of mini peppers waiting to get eaten.  Krab dip was sounding pretty good.

There’s no recipe for this.  I have a recipe for a hot krab dip from my mom, but it uses cream of mushroom soup and cream cheese, among other things.  I wanted something a little lighter, considering the late lunch we’d eaten earlier that was nowhere near a healthy meal.

I sauteed a shallot and a couple of cloves of garlic in olive oil over low heat until they were soft.  Then, I threw in the cream cheese until it was soft, added 1/2 cup of yogurt (I didn’t have sour cream), some lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce and salt to taste.  Fold in some chopped krab and dinner is served!

It’s actually not that bad.  I thought the yogurt would give it a funny flavor – you know, that flavor that tells you someone subbed in something healthy in place of something tasty.  But the cream cheese and shallot masks any of that and you get a fairly nice dip for veggies, pretzels, or pita chips.  Not too bad for foraging in the fridge!


2 responses to “Hot Krab Dip

  1. I’ve seen the carne asade bake at Costco and it look daunting. Would you recommend it?? Heh, crab with a ‘k’ — I know what that means. 😉

    • Heh. I actually prefer that dip with krab than crab. It’s probably a nostalgia thing, since I prefer plain crab to krab (who wouldn’t?)

      We split a carne asada bake (and the gelato) and I was stuffed. But, ours was blisteringly hot but soggy on the bottom. So carne asada juice kept dripping out. And it made the guacamole warm, which was weird. It was kind of like a carne asada burrito, minus rice and beans, in a dough shell instead of a tortilla. It was okay. I’d probably try it again, to see if it’s always so soggy…

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