Max Brenner – Las Vegas

Over Thanksgiving (why, yes, Thanksgiving was quite a few months ago!) we were in Las Vegas to spend the holiday with my family, my sister and her boyfriend included.  My mom has been turned on to the allure of Groupons, so she snagged some for Max Brenner and waited for a time when we could all go use them.

Travis and I tried to go to Max Brenner when we were in New York (back in 2009, a trip I still haven’t posted about!) but it was ridiculously crowded.  I had just enough patience to wait in line for a hot chocolate to-go, which was a good hot chocolate and especially appreciated in the cold, cold, NY weather, but I was disappointed I didn’t get to eat any fun chocolate things.  So, when one opened up in Vegas, I figured it would be easier to get into than the one in NY (for some reason, stores in Vegas are always less crowded than other cities, which I find weird yet convenient).

The six of us went out for breakfast and completely confused the staff when we requested 3 separate tables, but close to each other, so we could use all the Groupons since you could only use 1 per table.  The fact that we did sit at 3 separate tables, all next to each other, and used our 3 Groupons tells me this is a dumb rule.  At least limit it to 1 coupon per party of 2 or something.

We sat next to this machine that said it was mixing chocolate, but I’m skeptical as to whether there was actual chocolate in the mixer or just some thick liquid colored to look like chocolate.

One of the things Max Brenner is known for (I guess) are his funky drinking vessels.  I actually own both these mugs (the hug mug in back and the kangaroo mug in front) because I used to be a sucker for cute serving ware and ordered them online.  Travis got a mocha in the hug mug, which is designed so it keeps you hands warm as you wrap them around the mug.  It actually does work well, but it also cools off fairly quickly.  The idea behind the kangaroo mug is that the hot liquid inside melts the pieces of chocolate hanging out in the spiral rim and eventually the melted chocolate mixes with your coffee to create a tasty mix.  Or you can scrape the melted chocolate out with a small spoon and just eat it.  Unfortunately, my latte didn’t arrive hot enough to actually melt anything, so I just ended up eating the chocolate and drinking the lukewarm latte.  I blame our server – even though we were sitting right next to my parents and my sister, we had a completely different server who liked to disappear for long periods of time so she could chat with her friends in the back.  I saw her.  I’m guessing this explains why my latte was lukewarm (not even warm-warm) and why we were the last to get our food, even though we didn’t order last.

I was not expecting great things from the menu, although I’m not sure why.  Maybe I didn’t want to get my hopes up and then have them dashed after my disappointing latte.  I was really tempted by the sweet breakfast items, but we were well into wedding mode by this point and I couldn’t bring myself to eat so many carbs and sugar.  I think we all ordered one of the many omelets, which you can have made with egg whites for no extra charge.  I liked that –  a lot of places charge extra, so I thought that was a nice touch.  I got the Maxican omelet, with black beans, avocado, and cheese.  The egg dishes come with the signature sugar-dusted biscuit and a dish of melted chocolate… for dipping the biscuit into?  I don’t really know.  I just ate the chocolate by the spoonful and ate my biscuit with butter.  The biscuit isn’t the best biscuit I’ve had, but the fact that the top is crispy-crackly with a sugar crust definitely bumps up the yum-factor.  And the omelette was good, too.

I think my sister got the granola bowl, which was huge!  I don’t even think she finished it.

All in all, standard breakfast fare.  It was good, but nothing that left me craving to go back.  Maybe if I’d had the gorgeous chocolate pancakes or french toast… The menu is interesting enough that I’d be willing to try it for dinner, or go back for breakfast once I don’t have to worry about fitting into the most expensive dress I’ve even owned.

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2 responses to “Max Brenner – Las Vegas

  1. I think between Bouchon and Max Brenner, I need to go back to Las Vegas to try it out. It’s interesting that Las Vegas is becoming a center for well-known restaurants to have a footing.

  2. It’s almost easier to get into the fancy restaurants in Vegas than it is in other big cities. I still need to try Bouchon.

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