They say it’s your birthday…

It’s MY birthday!  Today, I magically turned an entire year older, had to make myself coffee and breakfast because Travis had an early conference call, and am spending the day all by myself in the office because everyone in my group is somewhere else.  In honor of my birthday, here are some things I’ve recently discovered (about myself, other people, or life in general):

  • I do not like wedding cake because I don’t like frosting.  I like a little frosting, but my favorite cakes are just cake and don’t require a frosting component to be awesome. I was reading someone’s review of Sprinkles cupcakes (I don’t remember… there have been a lot of Sprinkles reviews lately with the new LJ store opening!) and she noted that she scraped a lot of the frostings off because they were too sweet.  And I realized, this is why I couldn’t get amazed by any of the wedding cakes we tasted.  All together, they were okay, but if you just ate the cake component, it lacked moisture/flavor/oomph.  Same with cupcakes, although some of the cupcakes we ate were just bad.  Now I know why I don’t like wedding cake.  And why we’re having pie.
  • I do not like being lectured nor do I feel like I need to convince anyone of our decisions regarding having kids.  Travis and I aren’t having kids.  I tell people that Travis doesn’t want to have kids, and this is true.  I suppose I could show a more united front by saying we don’t want to have kids, but I don’t feel that’s true.  I didn’t choose to not have children; I chose to have Travis in my life and that choice doesn’t involve two-legged dependents.  No matter what the reasons are or what our choices are, it doesn’t mean we’re open to being lectured on how selfish a choice that is.  Nor do we need a complete stranger to try and convince us that we’re making a mistake and if we’d only listen to her arguments that having children is a miracle and a blessing and will be the best thing we ever do we will change our minds.  I have no doubt that if we had kids we wouldn’t regret it and our lives would be good lives, but that’s not the path we’re taking.  I also don’t walk around telling people who want to have kids that they’re making a mistake and then list reasons why they should change their minds.  We love kids; we love being Aunt and Uncle to our friends’ son and getting to spoil him with fun and presents.  You may not agree with our choices, but you also don’t get a say in it.  Especially if we’ve just met you.
  • I also think that no one else should have a say in our wedding, but that’s just not the case, and the reality is we are trying to accommodate our guests and make it a fun day for them, too.  And I don’t mind this too much.  Just know that if you come to our wedding, I fully expect you to eat the mini donuts, stick around for the pie cutting, take silly pictures in the photobooth, and dance to Journey at the end of the night.  Because I am the bride, and I say so.
  • I have not had a wedding-related breakdown that ended in tears, yet, and I’m wondering if it’s just too early.  What would cause such a fuss?  I can’t even imagine a scenario that I would find so dramatic.  Maybe I’ve been watching too much Bridezillas, though, so my sense of reality is warped.
  • Travis will be going to a stripclub during his bachelor party and I am only slightly upset because I kind of want to hang out with afternoon strippers and see what they’re all about.  I like hearing their stories about law school and saving up to open their own business and such.  I wonder what afternoon male strippers are like… can you hang out with Thunder from Down Under during their down time?
  • I am suspicious that 2011 initiated some sort of time warp, where days go by at one and a half times the normal speed.  What happened to my weekends?  I know we always say the last year flew by like crazy, but I think this year is extra fast. 
  • I feel like a spoiled brat because the wedding band I want is not inexpensive.  Saying this out loud doesn’t make me feel any less like a spoiled brat.  This is compounded by the fact that I get a little bit pouty when I think about wearing a plain band.  It helps to blame Travis for spoiling me with such a pretty engagement ring in the first place.  And then I get distracted by the sparkly and everything’s fine.
  • I am very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life.  I am very lucky to be on my way to marrying a man who loves me so much, he will make the bed with new sheets even as I lay on top because I am too lazy to move.  I do know how amazing these people are and I truly appreciate all that they do.  This is going to be an amazing year.

6 responses to “They say it’s your birthday…


    Maybe you can hang out with strippers another time. I hear they have free lunches on the weekdays.

  2. Too much Bridezillas. Bridezillas freak out about everything though. It’s a happy time, not a get stressed out time!

    And, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday! Pie seems like a great idea instead of a wedding cake, especially if you don’t like frosting.

  4. Happy belated Birthday! I’m a Capricorn too, 14th was mine. I like pie, who doesn’t like pie? Your wedding, you have and do whatever you want. And totally with you on the kids thing. We weren’t sure if we wanted 2-legged kids when we got married and after a few years, we said no. And 16+ years later, the answer is still no and we don’t have any regrets. Will I regret no having them when I turn 60 or older? I don’t know but I don’t think so. Love kids but I enjoy being able to hand them off to their parents when I want. Some people are just so full of themselves. But then to them, I’m the selfish one, right? hehe.

    Hope you had a great birthday!

  5. Happy birthday! I totally hear you on the no kids thing! I seem to have to spend a lot of my time explaining to near strangers about why I’m not planning to have kids, sucks. Its none of their business!

    Also, glad you worked out the cake/pie thing! I find that chocolate ganache in its many forms is often a fun accompaniment…

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