blogging, bar stools, blah cake

I am so behind. Behind on blogging, behind on posting pictures, and according to so totally behind on a bazillion things on their to-do list. There are also things I am behind on related to wedding planning that I can’t talk about because I want them to be a surprise. Or, if they don’t get done and I don’t talk about them, then no one will know!

CSN Stores contacted me recently about working with them on another promotion. Since our new “health and beauty plan” (also terribly behind schedule) includes eating at home more (except for during SD Beer Week, apparently), I thought this would be beneficial.

As you probably know, CSN Stores manage a lot of different shopping sites, ranging from cookware to shoes to art. They also have one for bar tables and stools, which I should probably look at since our bar stools in the kitchen are a bit wonky and I’m not sure the ones that came with the bar in the front room are very comfortable.

As a completely different side note, I have started to feel like my cake tastebuds are failing me. All I taste is dry, flavorless cake. Where is the sweet, moist cake? Am I going crazy? Is the new trend to reduce sugar from cake? Why is this so hard?? I am hoping our tasting this weekend goes well, otherwise I’m heading to Extraordinary Desserts to eat a piece of cake. And if that tastes bad, then maybe it is just me.


8 responses to “blogging, bar stools, blah cake

  1. I’m more than happy to make you a cake, but I can appreciate you might want to go for the more tried and tested bakeries!! I hear good things about sweet cheeks, I got my wedding cake at french gourmet and they did a pretty good job…

    Thanks for the heads up on the bar stools, I’m looking for a couple for the kitchen…

  2. I’m anxious to know all about your plans. That is because I have no life. 😦

    • I have all sorts of plans mapped out, but until we get contracts actually signed, I’m afraid to tell anyone anything! I don’t want the jinx something and have all our vendors fall apart. Isn’t there some sort of ritual I can do to appease the wedding gods? Set out a slice of cake every night or a new flower centerpiece or something?

  3. Maybe you’re having cake overload. I didn’t think such a thing were possible!

  4. I totally understand about the cake overload! It’s been a long time since we’ve done that but I remember all the cakes starting to taste the same after a point. The only thing I really remember is that everyone loved the cake. So in the end, it’ll be worth it. Hang in there!

  5. I’m sure your wedding planning will come together beautifully. And remember, all those checklists for all the things your “supposed to do” are for an industry where they know predominantly young women are making decisions and spending more and more money on things based on emotion rather than based on having a wedding day that really is an expression of love between two people who’ve decided to marry. That’s what matters most.

  6. You should have Jenny do your cake! She does a fantastic job – not dry, best ingredients, will customize it – and affordable. Check out her photos

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