Macy’s Culinary Council Event – Takashi Yagihashi

We have been engaged for three weeks and the planning (or non-planning?) already feels like it’s encompassing my every thought. Plus, I just realized that this means I am going to be forced to talk on the phone with a lot of people, trying to coordinate appointments and viewings and other stuff I’m not even aware of. I hate calling people on the phone! I’m actually not even that fond of talking to strangers in person. My co-workers think I’m crazy because I’m chatty and cheery at work and call clients with ease and network at required networking events – but I think I do all that because I have to. It’s my JOB!

(thank you for the tips, advice, and reviews you’ve sent along – I’m still so scatter-brained that I change my mind about the “feel” of our wedding I want every three seconds, but all this info is helpful! And, I know there’s a lot of “I” going on here, but rest assured Travis has many ideas of his own he would like to incorporate.)

Anyhoo, all this means is that I have no updates for you, dustballs are threatening to eat me alive, our New Zealand photos are off the camera but not weeded through, and the most interesting thing I’ve cooked since we’ve been back was microwaved pesto tortellini from Trader Joe’s.

But! I do have time to tell you that Wednesday, October 6, 2010 (yes, that’s tomorrow) at 6:30 pm at the Macy’s in Mission Valley, James Beard Award winning chef, restaurateur, and author Takashi Yagihashi will be revealing his secrets to innovative, multi-cultural cuisine. Chef Yagihashi will share some of his favorite recipes and gourmet techniques direct from the kitchen of his renowned Chicago restaurant, Takashi. Following the demonstration, Chef Yagihashi will sign copies of his cookbook, which you can purchase that day.

I will admit that I am not familiar with Chef Yagihashi, but I feel like Chicago has some amazing restaurants, so I’m sure his is good, too. Plus, I’m always intrigued by Asian-fusion/multi-cultural cuisine. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s really weird. There will be samples during his demonstration, so you could find out where on the sliding scale his food lands!

Unfortunately, I have too much on my plate this week to attend, but one of these days I’d like to make it over. I do like that their events happen after the work day. Not everyone has the luxury of dropping in on morning events during the work week! If you do go, I’d love to know what you thought!


James Beard Award winning chef, restaurateur, author and Macy’s Culinary Council chef Takashi Yagihashi.

Wednesday, October 6

Macy’s Mission Valley Home Store
1555 Camino De La Reina
School of Cooking, Main Level
San Diego, CA 92108

Reservations are required as seating is limited. To RSVP, call 877-884-3751. Admission to this event is a $5.00 donation to The San Diego Food Bank. For additional information, visit the Macy’s Culinary Council website:


3 responses to “Macy’s Culinary Council Event – Takashi Yagihashi

  1. Funny, I don’t like talking to people on the phone either (or in person). But I totally do it for my work because I have too. Otherwise, I let Jake do all of the talking haha. Are you going to the Media Mingle thing this week? Good luck with the wedding planning!

  2. Usually when I hear “Asian Fusion,” I think of “ConFusion.” I’ve rarely had very good Asian fusion. Any recommendations from around here?

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