Outdoor Cooking School (but indoors)

We’ve been doing this for a while, enjoying the classes at Barbeques Galore in 4S Ranch.  We’ve never walked away from one hungry, bored, or unsatisfied.  And we always come home with some new trick or tool.  This one was the Texas BBQ class and when we got there, Chef John Cardona was keeping watch on the brisket in the Big Green Egg outside because some kid actually stole a brisket before!

We're so happy Ben's back!

They set out veggies and dip and fresh, hot foccacia!

baked beans waiting to go in the grill... yes, it's topped with bacon

field trip to see the Big Green Egg in action

cornbread out of the grill "oven", made with butter AND bacon grease

slow roasted onions, way better than they look

food is plated, waiting for the brisket

platter o' meat

cornbread, baked beans, onion, brisket

foil swans for when you can't finish dinner

of course there's dessert! mixed berry cobbler and ice cream

As always, a fun time made even better when your friends are there.  The boys brought out some great beers to enjoy with dinner and I’m glad it all worked out.  This is the first class we’ve been to where all the food is essentially cooked before you get there, which means it’s a lot of plating and talking, but not much cooking action.  In retrospect, it makes sense when you consider the time involved with baked beans and brisket (and those meltingly delicious onions), but I think I enjoy the action and pace of the classes where food is being grilled right in front of you.


2 responses to “Outdoor Cooking School (but indoors)

  1. I was just there last week looking at wood chunks. The BGE was already fired up in the front of the store. I’ve always wanted to take one of their BBQ classes but just never got around doing it.

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