the cuteness… it kills me

all together now... "awww..."

My mom is fostering a little pup believed to be a Chow-Shepherd mix who is almost as cute as Cassie was when she was a pup.  And that’s saying something.

baby Cassie

Someone found him in the parking lot of Walmart.  A Walmart in Vegas.  In the summer.  Which makes no sense (aside from being super mean) since he was obviously taken care of and well fed.  It’s really anyone’s guess where he’ll end up – I’m thinking he might enjoy living in Austin with my sister.  She’s staying in Vegas for a while until she moves out there; how could you live with that puppy and not want to take him with you?  My mom thinks he’ll get too big for her to want to keep him, even though I say he has itty-bitty paws, which obviously means he’ll be a small dog.  I can tell you he won’t end up in Poway, unless Travis has a stroke or something and forgets we already have 3 substantial-sized dogs.


So… anyone looking for a puppy?  Free delivery!

I wonder if his ears will always be floppy


6 responses to “the cuteness… it kills me

  1. With a cute face like that your little buddy the Chowperd has, he should find a home. Cassie was beautiful as a pup (but aren’t all we canines?) It takes a real rectal aperture (what my human calls assholes) to toss an animal out on the street, much less in those conditions. I guess Barnum forgot to mention that suckers weren’t the only type human born every minute.

  2. Dangit. I’ve been working Paul up to getting our first pup together but we have to meet a set of conditions first. Cassie is an adorable pup!

    • If your criteria includes cute, brown, and sweet, this pup could be yours! Good luck with narrowing down your doggy choices, though. There’s probably still a dozen different dogs I’d love to own in our lifetime. They’re all so cute!

  3. OMG they are both adorable! Three is the max for us, at least for now or until I go completely insane and convince the Mister that 4 is the same amount of work as 3. Although the vet bills lately has been killing us and I can’t imagine it for 4.

    • Three dogs is not any more work than two. Four dogs, I think, starts tipping that scale. I think it changes the pack hierarchy and it’s really noticeable. I don’t know… as much as I love dogs, I think 3 is as many as I can handle. Plus, Cassie would be So Sad if I brought a new dog home.

  4. so. freaking. cute!! Our house is a one house pup though. One is enough for us!

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