the list

Do you have a List?  You know, the List of celebrities with whom you’d get a free pass should the opportunity arise (which is why the List is focused on celebrities and not the hot neighbor you often run into at the grocery store).

I think the subject came up because we were going to see Joel McHale at Humphrey’s (he is very funny in person) and Joel is on someone’s List (not mine).  Travis declared you can only have 3 people on your List at any given time and to add someone new, you have to bump someone off.

At the moment, my List includes Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, and Viggo Mortensen.  If I was allowed to have an “old guy” List (which I’m not, apparently), Sean Connery, Tom Selleck, and George Clooney (even though he’s not that old) would be on it.  I kind of think you should be allowed to have a Top Five, at least, and I think the limit of 3 has more to do with the fact that guys are so picky they can’t list more than 3 at a time.

Cami threw out Ewan McGregor (who is not officially on her list, either) and we thought he should be allowed as a Universal Pick, meaning he doesn’t count against your List but should he show up on your doorstep, you could have him anyway because he’s Universally Appealing.  Who wouldn’t want Ewan McGregor?  I mean, have you see his movies?  The boys were not in favor of this, so we tried to even it out by letting them have a Hot Chick Universal Pick.  Do you know the problem with that?  They couldn’t agree on one!  They could not pick one hot celebrity that they both agreed on!  How crazy is that?  So, the Universal Pick was denied.

No matter.  I declared that I would stick with my List and if Ewan even happens to show up, I’ll take him anyway and deal with the consequences later.  I think he’d be worth it.


5 responses to “the list

  1. i cant believe you would put George Clooney on some secondary “old guy” list.

    he is my numero uno *swoon*

  2. I agree that Ewan McGregor should be a universal pick. With that accent, swoon. I don’t actually have an actual list, but James McAvoy would be on it, too!

  3. I have always, always swooned over Clint Eastwood. The only ONE on my list. Old people love Clint Eastwood.

  4. Three people on a list seems stingy. Five is more of an accurate number and should include people of all ages.

    I’m with you on Clive Owen and only recently did I discover the treasure known as Ewan McGregor. I also like Chris Evans although he seems a bit full of himself.

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