I know a raffle prize secret…

If you read this blog, I’m sure you read others, so I feel confident that you are well aware of the fundraising going on for the Food 4 Kids backpack program.  You can find updates on Twitter by using the #Food4KidsSD tag and on the Facebook page.

Last year, there were some great raffle prizes available to people who donated through the donation site.  This year, with the increased support, I can only imagine what the prizes will be.  But!  I know of at least one item that will be on that list: a $100 gift certificate to the Barbeques Galore Outdoor Cooking School.

I first heard of the cooking classes while looking for a birthday present for Travis, when he first started to get into grilling and smoking meats.  We had a lot of fun and since then we’ve been back a couple of times and purchased a gift certificate for friends.  We’re actually set to take another class in August and we’ve lined up a few of our friends to join us.  The cost of the class varies depending on the “menu”, so I usually pick classes based on what I want to see grilled (sometimes it’s something I can’t figure out how to do well on my own) or what I want to eat.  It’s BYOB, and we’ve gone with a bottle of wine, a couple of nice beers, or whatever we grab from the Cost Plus next door.  Any spices, rubs, or equipment they use in class is available for purchase (of course) in the store and you get %15 off any shopping you do that night.

Chef Rich is the executive chef there (and he’s battling in the inaugural Chef Fight!) and Chef John Cardona is usually the chef you see in rotation these days at the 4S Ranch location. 

So, now you have some insight (and hopefully more incentive) to donate a little something to help fill the backpacks for some hungry kids.


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