More things to give away… almost

I still use the grill pan I reviewed courtesy of CSN Stores and they’ve offered me the opportunity to host another giveaway from one of their sites!  I just need to take some time to figure out how to structure it this time.  What to pick?

You could buy a bathroom sink from one of their other sites, but I’m not sure that’s very practical.  I’m thinking of something from their cookware site… but I need some ideas!


3 responses to “More things to give away… almost

  1. I would like the koi and lily pond bathroom sink…..I’d display it in my living room! It’s beautiful!

  2. Is there any neat bakeware to use? That might be nice! I’ve only used the grill pan once so far, I keep meaning to bring it to my boyfriend’s apartment (where there is a significant lack of good pots and pans) but now I’m not sure where it is (the kitchen at my house is being remodeled). I will find soon and use it again!

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