I’ve been scolded for the lack of kitten-ness

this is Bonnie

this is Willie

kittens with a toy

kittens on the lookout!

did you drop something?

where's our fooood??


11 responses to “I’ve been scolded for the lack of kitten-ness

  1. I love that last picture! So cute!

    • That’s an expression Bonnie wears often. She’s very smart – if we go into their room around canned food time, she starts getting squeaky. Any other time, she just runs up for some petting!

  2. hello,i fell in love with the kitten,and i will olve to adopt three of them,i have apet loving family.thanks waiting for your reply


  3. hello,i fell in love with your kitten and i will like to adopt them,am a pet loving man and i have apet loving family,am awaiting your reply.thanks

  4. Oh my goodness so cute! Its so cute how they like to hang out together! I’m a bit jealous of you having two, especially since maybe they keep themselves occupied sometimes? Tina appears to have a new schedule where everyone has to get up at 5am.

    • They are definitely buddies. Bonnie wanders more than Willie, and if she goes too far he starts meowing for her. Sometimes she comes back, and sometimes he has to go find her. They do love to play with each other! I wouldn’t worry about Tina… if she’s happy now, I’m sure she’s not wishing some other cat appeared to invade her house!

  5. Who the heck is this guy who wants to adopt YOUR kittens? Tell him to find his own. Who said yours were up for adoption? The shelters have plenty for him to choose his own.
    They are cute, yes, they really are.

    • I’m guessing it’s either spam or he’s crazy.

      I hope they don’t get lost in the shuffle when we bring them up for you to kitten-sit! I’ll have to introduce them to dad and his treat jar. They’ll love that!

  6. Adorable! Those two are certainly worthy of attention.

  7. That is some serious “aw-ness” going on!

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