Wine Vault Bistro made us sad

So we were going to have dinner at Wine Vault Bistro for their $20 Friday menu. We were meeting friends at the National Comedy Theater, which is right next door. No reservations, but we figured if we got there when they open (at 5:30) we could slip in and slip out in plenty of time. NOT SO.

We were told the soonest they could seat us was 5:45, because they had a lot of tables reserved for 6 and 6:15. So, seating us at 5:30 won’t work because we wouldn’t leave the table cleared for your other reservations in time, but having us start 15 minutes later makes it okay?

The last time we were there it took us an hour and a half to get through 5 courses, and that was with us really taking our time. I mean, it only takes a few bites to finish each plate. So why would it take us that much time for 3 courses? And don’t tell me I don’t understand how your “experience” works. I’ve been there before. I understand just fine.

If they weren’t ready to sit people at 5:30, say so. but don’t throw faulty time-logic at me and then act like I’m some third-class patron who doesn’t understand “fine dining”.

Maybe they’re just crappy to you if you don’t have a reservation. Maybe we just didn’t look like we’d spend enough for them. Maybe it’s just me. Either way, she made a poor impression and left a bad taste in my mouth. Which is too bad, because I was looking forward to more of their food.

If we had more time, we would have just driven down to Starlite. But since the comedy place is right here, we’ll probably just grab a bite somewhere close when our friends get here. Boo.


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