Winner, winner, chicken dinner?

Is that right?  Is that how the saying goes?  Sometimes, I think my brain recalls tidbits correctly, but then I find out things like the song is not about taking pinheads bowling (although, how awesome would that be?)

Sorry this took so long.  I didn’t realize that extending a giveaway until midnight means I can’t start counting comments until the next day.  And when that next day is filled with work, dog drama, and trying to pack up for the weekend, things get a little pushed down the list.  Plus, we spent the weekend camping with homebrew folks (those people also know how to cook at a campsite!) and no internet.  We got home at a good time on Sunday, so I made myself pick the Circulon grill pan winner.

Since there were only three (!) comments – nobody else wanted a grill pan? – I figured I could make it more fun than a random number generator without it being too difficult.  I enlisted Lexi for a little cup game, with a twist.

one - two - three

Three cups were numbered and an enticing treat was placed under each cup.  If I had only placed a treat under one cup, that wouldn’t have been very fair.  Lexi made this easy, because she’ll sit patiently until I’m ready and then go for it with a simple command.

if only she could flip that cup over!

I turned the cups around so I couldn’t see the numbers, then started switching them up.  I realize this doesn’t really have an effect since there are always three treats and three cups, so all I was really doing was shuffling the cups.  Then I let Lexi go and she started nosing a cup away in an attempt to get the treat under it.  While I was setting up, she did sniff each cup (and try to eat the treat), so she was well aware that each cup had a tasty something under it.

#2 - winner!

I gave her the treat and turned the cup around to see that she chose #2, which is Mary!  Congratulations, Mary!  And many thanks for CSN Stores for letting me hold the giveaway!


4 responses to “Winner, winner, chicken dinner?

  1. Heh… I imagine your dog doing a Vanna White impersonation. I was sadly disappointed but relieved at the same time.

  2. That’s a cute way to pick a winner! And thank you 🙂

  3. Thanks for the contest!

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