back in the cooking groove


So, it’s not the best photo (I was too lazy to go get the real camera) and the lamb is slightly overcooked, but it was a really delicious dinner.  Rack of lamb (rubbed in olive oil, lemon zest, garlic, and salt), Lemon Israeli Couscous, broccoli, and braised green garlic (from the garden!)  The green garlic ended up nice and soft – it kind of tasted like a grilled green onion, but a little sweeter, like leeks.  It was nice to be able to use them up; it would have been nicer if I had discovered it last year and been able to use the actual garlic cloves!

We usually grill racks of lamb, but I decided to roast it in the oven for a change.  I started at 400°F and roasted it for 20 minutes, then I turned on the broiler and broiled each side for 2 minutes to get the surface nice and crispy.  There’s nothing better than a layer of crispy, salty, meaty lamb fat.  Mmm…

It’s really nice to have enough free time again to plan out dinners and spend some time cooking in the kitchen.  I’ve really missed it!


3 responses to “back in the cooking groove

  1. Oh, that lamb looks delicious! Where do you typcially get your rack of lamb?

    • I buy it from Trader Joe’s (refrigerated, not the frozen seasoned rack) or Costco. Sometimes I grab a couple and just throw one in the freezer for later. Costco has a nice leg of lamb, too.

  2. I never thought to look at Costco or TJ for rack of lamb, silly me. I’ll do that next time I’m out shopping. I used up the last of my Omaha Steak gift certificates on their lamb racks and I really didn’t want to pay Omaha Steak prices, as wonderful as they are. Thanks!

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