the cuteness of kittens

My mom has been fostering cats for the last I-don’t-know-how-many months. Long enough to adopt 4 herself, I guess. In all fairness, there have been quite a few cats that were “fostered” and eventually adopted out to other people. My mom just got attached to the first four (and a couple others that she didn’t keep). I find it all very interesting, considering I grew up among dogs because my mom was a dog person. I mean, I also had a pet rat, pet mice, a couple parakeets, and some guinea pigs, but the main pets in the house were dogs. Then, for some reason, I decided I really wanted a cat. I wanted a cat so badly, when I was given the choice of getting a cat or my entire wish-list of Barbies and accessories, I went for the cat.  And then my cat kept running away.  From then on, I only had female cats (I think we read male cats were more apt to go “roaming”).

For some reason, the people at the shelter where my mom volunteers decided to place a pregnant cat in her care. It’s like they just want her to become overrun with cats.

side note: in the Las Vegas household, there were 3 existing cats – Maddie (whom we got at the same time as my Clair), Chloe and Dulci (my two cats that weren’t very happy in our house due to a skin allergy and being put in Sadie’s mouth, respectively). Plus one of my sister’s cats that had to be left behind when she moved to SF. But, let’s not keep count, okay?

Oddly enough, this first pregnant cat and her subsequent litter of 6 haven’t been a problem. I’m guessing that unless they become more friendly and/or quirky than the other “fosters”, my mom will be able to take them to adoption events without a problem. But, they’re only 5 weeks old, so who knows what they’ll be like when it’s time for them to go?

It’s the second set of baby kittens (and their mom) who showed up that are trouble. They’re so tiny and cute and fluffy! And I totally want one. I want the one who’s all squeaky and ventures away from the pack when you walk in the room. I have a thing for spunky…

Ultimately, it’ll be Travis’ decision if we bring a new cat home. We still have 3 big dogs at home who shed constant fur, not to mention the fact that Sadie thinks cats belong in her mouth. And it has been kind of nice not having to deal with a litter box, errant litter on the floor, and trying to keep the whole thing out of sight.  But there’s something about a cat that is just different than having a dog… I don’t know what, but it’s been missing since Clair died.

We’ll be back in Vegas in a few weeks, when the kittens are bigger and more playful… how could you not love that little face (it’s the same kitten in those pictures… the others look completely different)?

in the interest of wanting, I’ll also pretend I believe in the Secret and throw this out to the Universe: kitten pictured above = WANT.


3 responses to “the cuteness of kittens

  1. Awwwww! So cute! I love that the head is as big as the body, I’d be tempted!

  2. That is the reason why I could never be a foster mom. I would be at risk of keeping every one of the fosters. Luckily, I am highly allergic to cats. 🙂 But how can anyone resist that cute fuzzy face?? I would be putty in his/her paw.

    • Oh, I could never foster cats (or dogs). I wouldn’t be able to give them up! I’m impressed my mom’s been able to send the ones she has to the adoption events! Especially when they have such cute, fuzzy faces!

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