Rum Running and a pie

You probably know rum running was about smuggling or transporting alcoholic beverages illegally. Being an upstanding citizen of the law, I can’t even imagine the stress that goes along with such illegal activity. But, maybe if you’re drunk enough on a lot of rum you don’t care.

I was approached by MS&L because Bonefish Grill started posting webisodes and just did one on rum running in the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, we don’t have any Bonefish Grills in California. There used to be one in Las Vegas, which seemed like a suitable not-really-close location, but they’ve closed that one. So, I didn’t see any big reason to promote it. But, they did provide some recipes for a Rum Runner drink and a Dark and Stormy. They sound pretty tasty (and boozy), but rum’s not really my booze of choice. Although, since the Dark and Stormy uses ginger beer (which I do love), maybe I’ll give it a shot! I also have a recipe for a rummy coconut pie, which I was going to test for you ahead of time but haven’t been able. So, I’m going to post it for you, then test it out, then tell you if it’s any good. Which sounds like a pretty lame way to do things, but that’s what you’re getting at the moment. Sorry.

Coconut Pie With Myers Rum Sauce
Serves 6-8

· 1 Cup Whole Milk
· 1 Cup Heavy Cream
· 1/2 Cup Sugar
· 1/2 Cup Flour
· 6 Eggs
· 1 TB Vanilla Extract
· 2 Cups Coconut, shredded

Place milk, cream, sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla in a mixing bowl. Mix with a hand mixer for 2 minutes on medium speed.

Add coconut and mix together until completely incorporated.

Place in a greased pie pan.

Cook at 350° for 40-45 minutes.

Rum Sauce
· 1 Cup Brown Sugar (light or dark)
· 1 Cup Butter, unsalted
· 1 Cup Myers Dark Rum
In small sauce pan, heat butter over medium heat until melted.

Add brown sugar and mix together until sugar dissolves.

Add rum and cook for 1 minute on medium heat.

Slice pie and serve with rum sauce, to your liking.


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