Pickled eggs

I made pickled eggs: one using this recipe from Bon Appetit and another from Momofuku. The one on the left is pickled, on the right is the soy sauce egg. They’re both a little rubbery on the outside, but the regular pickled one isn’t pickly enough for me. It’s only been in for a day, though, so maybe after a few more it’ll be better. Or maybe I need to use a different vinegar. The soy sauce one is pretty strong, though. Definitely take them out after a few hours (although, Travis feels it could use more “pickling”)! 


4 responses to “Pickled eggs

  1. My mom used to make soy sauce eggs all the time. Seems like she always had some in the fridge. I think I might make some with all the Easter Eggs. Only so many deviled eggs I can eat.

  2. I’ve always wondered about pickled eggs, especially in the old school fish and chip chops back home. I’ve never actually tried one. Maybe its time!

    I was also pretty disturbed to find giant jars of pickled eggs in costco in the UK…

    • Pickled eggs aren’t so scary. I’ve even eaten a couple from a bar jar! I don’t enjoy them enough to buy a Costco jar of them, but pickling a few at a time makes for a nice snack. I’m ready to start experimenting with them. At a homebrewing party, one guy made merlot pickled eggs and some with a pale ale. They were good!

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