Popovers, already popped

this is not a potato

Popovers are not hard to make.  You whip up a batter, let it sit, pour it into hot tins, and then bake until poofy.  But, like everything, sometimes you just want something now.  Right Now.  Considering that I have a whole category of posts dedicated to things I’ve found at Trader Joe’s, you may not be surprised that when I saw a box of frozen popovers in the store I didn’t hesitate to throw them into my cart.  Actually, the purpose was to have an easy breakfast before we got started cooking and cleaning for our dinner party last month.

They come in a box of 4, each individually wrapped in plastic.  Not environmentally sound, though, considering you’ll probably go through all 4 popovers fairly quickly.  They are already baked (and puffed up), so all you have to do it heat them up in a toaster oven – 5 minutes.  So easy!  They’re a little crispier than when I make popover, but they’re buttery and good all the same.

For breakfast, I made soft boiled eggs and them plopped the eggs into the middle of the popover.  Then, for lunch, I took some crab salad, split the popover, and we had a lovely light lunch that took 2 minutes of my time.


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