Thanksgiving has always been a family affair for me.  I remember my mom hosting Thanksgiving dinner (really, more like a late lunch) for what seems like forever.  Even when I went off to college, I always came back for Thanksgiving.  Luckily, I was within driving distance and didn’t have to deal with high airfares.  When I moved to San Diego, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner once, just after moving into my new condo.  My dinner table was a bunch of empty Ikea furniture boxes. 

Sometimes, Travis and I can arrange to take a Christmas trip, but we always spend Thanksgiving with my family.  It’s just one of those things we never question.

This year, we’re hosting dinner at our house.  We’re a smaller group now – just my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend.  It seems a little silly to consciously be thankful on this one day, but I suppose it’s better than never acknowledging it.

So, here is my list of thankful things and thoughts:

  • All the lovely thoughts and comments about our sweet kitty.
  • All the years (12 is a lot!) I had with that cat and how she was always the same, sweet, friendly cat no matter who I added to her household.
  • My family – no matter what, you can always count on your family.
  • Our friends, the ones we get to see all the time and the ones who live farther away.
  • Including the one I’ve known the longest and the crazy fact that we (practically) live next door to each other, just as we planned all those years ago.
  • All the online food people I’ve gotten to meet this year.  How fun!
  • Our dogs, even though they’re shedding like crazy right now.  Don’t they know they need those coats for the cold weather?
  • Our chickens, for the constant entertainment they’ve provided.  And, one day, for  their eggs.
  • Our house, which is a home.  It also lets us entertain, unwind, and enjoy our space.
  • My new kitchen!  I love it, and it was just barely worth all the time and energy we put into it.
  • The Mira Mesa Trader Joe’s, which is easier for me to get to, plus it’s bigger and they have better food samples.
  • My job, which I still enjoy and am grateful to have.
  • Of course, I am grateful for Travis.  He understands me better than I think and makes me happier than I thought I could be.  He treats me well, puts up with my dogs, and he loved my cat.  What more could a girl ask for?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.  I hope your bellies are full of tasty foods and decadent desserts.  I know ours will be.

p.s. – If you are able, please consider donating to the Food 4 Kids program. I’m sure those kids would be very thankful.


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