Tim Tams are back!

Tim Tams are those lovely chocolate covered sandwich cookies from overseas that just taste better than cookies here.  I first encountered them and the Tim Tam Slam last year, when Pepperidge Farm brought them to Target.  But, as all holiday/seasonal items do, the cookies slowly disappeared (but can usually be found at Cost Plus World Market).

Well, I’ve been told that Pepperidge Farm is bringing back the Tim Tams for a limited time  AND distribution should be larger than just Target stores.  However, there is a Dark Chocolate Tim Tam that will only be found at Target.  My sources also say that these cookies will come back every year from October to March.  Yay!

But, wait!  There’s more! Every month, Pepperidge Farm will be giving away two Tim Tam cookies party packs to people who upload photos and videos to ILoveTimTamCookies.com. The prize will include mugs, a single-use digital camera, a $10 iTunes gift card and a case of Tim Tam cookies.

Go forth and buy cookies!


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