this is why you’re broke

There are a couple of forums I scroll through, usually to fill time when I’m completely bored (and, no, this is not about Chowhound).  Today I was reading a thread in which someone complained about their paychecks not being delivered on time, which resulted in their bank account being overdrawn.  Posts continued and then morphed into a Banks Are Evil theme.  Some posts were written by reasonable people who gave radical advice, such as keeping a cushion in your account or keeping accurate checkbook records so you know how much money you have or not spending money until you’ve checked that your deposits are cleared.  Crazy!  What really got me, though, was the poster who claimed that it’s hard to keep extra money in the bank when you’re always living paycheck to paycheck.  Then they added at the end that they usually do try to keep $50 as their cushion to cover their Xbox Live fees.

Dude.  If money is so tight, maybe you should consider giving up whatever is costing you $50 a month in Xbox Live fees.


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