Foodie Community Dinner

Thanks to a generous night by Wagstaff Worldwide and Suite & Tender, we enjoyed a lovely dinner with other local food bloggers. I also got to meet Darlene and Jenny, whose blogs I follow (and vice versa), and Mary! Plenty of pictures were taken and a full commentary will follow, but not tonight. I’m too full of food, dessert, and wine. I have just enough energy to lock up the chickens and crawl into bed. Tomorrow, after all, is still a work day.


4 responses to “Foodie Community Dinner

  1. Cool! It was fun to meet you although a shame we didnt get to chat much, oh well, next foodie event maybe! Very interested to see what you thought of the place…

  2. It was nice to meet and talk with you last night and share lots of tasty food!

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