stuff I don’t get

Slowly, slowly, I learn more tips and tricks in the technological world. One that is worth passing along involves Microsoft Outlook and the auto-fill with e-mail addresses. You know how you can type in a letter in the To: field and you’ll get a list of e-mail addresses you’ve used before? And sometimes people change their e-mail address but you forget and just go with the one that pops up in the auto-fill list? Well, to delete these outdated and not-useful e-mails, just scroll down to the e-mail address in the auto-fill list and press Delete. It’s gone. Now, when you start typing in someone’s name, their current e-mail address should be the only one there! Ta da!

Now that I’ve led off with a helpful hint, I feel justified in ranting a little bit. Apparently, there is some driving conference taking place soon and people from all over will be speaking on how drivers who text or talk on the phone have killed or maimed someone they know and love. I guess it’s a tactic to try and get stricter legislation created?

Does it bother anyone else that it seems like no one in California even cares that the no-cell-phones-while-driving law was passed? Do you ever see someone getting pulled over for it? I swear, I pass at least 5 people talking on their cell phones (or looking like they’re texting) throughout my day. Me? I either use my headset or wait until I get to where I’m going (if my headset battery is dead). I’ve also recently re-connected my phone to my car’s Bluetooth system, so if you call while I’m in the car and it sounds funny, please let me know. My theory is that all these iPhone software upgrades have made the connection technology work better? I don’t even know if that’s something you can do with software.

Is it normal that I hate it when I play by the rules and it feels like no one else does? But, I just know if I tried to do something like that, I would totally get caught. It feels like people made such a fuss about the cell phone law getting passed, but the driving environment is still the same! People driving slowly in the fast lanes because they’re on their phone; people looking like they’re going to swerve into me because they’re fiddling with their phone and not looking at the road.

While I’m on my soapbox, I going to also complain about my neighbors who run their sprinklers every day even though we’re supposed to be on a drought schedule! I think they sometimes run their sprinklers twice a day! As a side note, our lawn stopped dying and seems to have adjusted to the reduced watering schedule. Although, it did get a little crunchy during that stretch of hot summer weather and the mint plant completely up and died.

End rant. I’m also trying to see if this will post using e-mail. Fingers crossed!

Chicken update: they are in their outside coop; Sadie has been sleeping under the coop all day and night; the chickens love crickets and mealworms; they will still not lay eggs for another 5 months or so; I apparently now suffer from empty-nest syndrome (empty brooder?) and am craving new chicky fluff balls (it’s sad, really).


One response to “stuff I don’t get

  1. I totally feel your pain, I really wish they would enforce all these rules. Its interesting, I think its worse in the US, people see their cars as an extension of their house, so they are very relaxed in them and dont remember that they are really dangerous!

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