longer shelf like than Twinkies?

Do you get hungry around 3 pm?  Sometimes I do, like when we’re trying to eat sensibly and I have a chicken salad instead of going out for Thai food.  I suppose this means I’m not eating enough at lunch?  Or maybe it just means my body needs to adjust to me not pigging out all the time.

Anyway, I keep a little box of snacks on my bookshelf at work: Campbell’s Soup at Hand (the tomato soup), a couple of applesauce cups, packet of oatmeal, Taco Bell hot sauce (you never know when you need to spice it up), a Snickers bar that will probably never get eaten because it’s so old, etc.  I used to keep regular cans of soup at work, too, but I’ve eaten them all and haven’t restocked.  Plus, if I ever get so desperate for lunch and haven’t brought anything from home, I can run downstairs and get a cup of soup and 2 pieces of buttered bread for $3.  That’s not too bad.

This afternoon I was hungry, but instead of going to the vending machine for some chips (mmm… bbq potato chips) I thought I’d rifle through my snack box.  I found these honey cookies one of my aunties makes every year that my mom hoards because they are so good and no one can figure out how to make them like she does.  They’re soft and chewy, with honey and spices, and a glaze that’s soaked through them.  Plus, they never seem to get old.  Now, I’ve had these cookies in my snack box for years.  Years!  And I ate one today and it baffles my mind that they are just as good as when you get them fresh.  Now, I know there aren’t preservatives in them, so how do they keep for so long?

Maybe I don’t want to know.  In any case, it’s nice to know they’re there.  Maybe we should consider adding them to our emergency preparedness box.  Even during a disaster, you might still want a cookie.


2 responses to “longer shelf like than Twinkies?

  1. Wow, if you ever get the recipe you should share! I’ve heard that anzac cookies are similar, the australians made them for the troops, hence the name. They never last more than seconds with me since they are so good!

  2. I’ve got the recipe and will share. Tomorrow.

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