and my response

It has been brought to my attention that this post gives the impression that I think commodity beef rocks and that there’s no real point to going organic/natural/grass-fed/pastured/etc.  Aside from the fact that I think the term “commodity beef”  is this year’s “fresh and local” catchphrase, I would like to clarify my point.  I think pastured, grass-fed beef is great and organic foods are awesome and if everyone could afford to shop and dine this way the world would be happy (or something).  I have nothing against that philosophy.  I don’t like the idea of chickens living in cramped quarters, working in little egg sweatshops or being fattened prematurely so they can be marketed earlier.  Having said that, sometimes you just can’t afford to buy a $15 chicken.  I do what I can, applaud those who can do it more often, and certainly don’t judge those who need to budget their income around Walmart Supercenter prices. 

What I was trying to say is that I think it’s lame to call a restaurant lame just because it’s using commodity beef.  Are you saying all restaurants HAVE to use the premium ingredients and if they can’t afford to then they shouldn’t even open at all?  Should Vons close down because they offer non-organic produce?  That’s what I think it lame – the attitude that’s it all or nothing.  Life isn’t all or nothing.  People who don’t want to pay the premium for premium ingredients shouldn’t be denied a good meal out because you think it’s lame.

The End.

ps to the local paper – the term is “prix fixe” and it doesn’t really translate to “pre-fixed”.  Yes, it kind of make sense in that the menu price is fixed ahead of time, but still…


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