Charmin Ultra Soft


A bit randomly, I arrived home to find a Charmin box on my doorstep.  I like surprise product boxes, because you never know what’s in them.  The last box was for the Mr. Clean eraser and I got to dirty (and then clean) tiles with Mr. Clean and The Leading Competitor (which, incidentally, does a bang up job getting stains out of my new sink).

This box had a 4-pack of the new Charmin Ultra Soft, a USB stick with product-y campaign-y ads and material, and two stacks of toilet paper.  The instructions said to squeeze each stack and determine which one felt softer and thicker.  Then, I was supposed to count the number of sheets in each stack.  Not surprisingly, the thicker stack ended up being the Charmin (I mean, they wouldn’t do that test if they weren’t going to win), which had 7 sheets to the competitor’s 28.  Which, I suppose, supports their claim that you can use 4 times less Charmin Ultra Soft than you might otherwise use.

T is picky about toilet paper and doesn’t really like Charmin.  It’s too soft and quilted for his tastes.  I like it, though, and I’ve enjoyed having a break from the Kirkland brand toilet paper we usually stock.  It’s definitely soft and thick and I think you would end up using fewer sheets because of it.

I tried to do a price comparison, to see if you end up paying more for being able to use 4 times less product.  Vons has the Charmin for $4.49 for 4 rolls, each roll having 200 sheets.  This works out to $0.0056 per sheet or $1.12 per roll.  I figured I would compare it to the Safeway brand Ultra toilet paper, which is $2.99 for 4 rolls: $0.0037 per sheet or $0.75 per roll.  So, there is a price difference, but I attribute most of it to brand vs. store brand.


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