they use commodity beef, which is lame

*sigh* If I had a nickel for every pretentious, unnecessary remark I come across on Chowhound, I would be able to stop working and spend all day reading cookbooks.

Does every new restaurant that opens within San Diego County have to have all organic, all natural, free-range, grass-fed something or other?  Really?  Because I don’t think they do.  I think higher prices and smaller portions can be excused (but maybe not always justified) for the higher quality ingredients, but if they make a tasty dish and can keep it at a nice price point, then who am I to complain?  If that’s what it takes for them to open up and make some sort of profit, then leave them alone.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to stay afloat in the restaurant business these days.  Any days.  And, if they manage to celebrate an anniversary, maybe then you can start thinking about nudging them towards fancy ingredients.

Geez.  Lighten up, Chowhound.


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