meet the chicks

Lady Buffy Orpington

Lady Buffy Orpington

Bunny (yes yes)

Bunny (yes yes)

Lady Buffy is, of course, a Buff Orpington.  Bunny is an Americauna, or an Easter Egger.  See?  Easter Egger?  Bunny?  Plus, we’re all very fond of her, yes yes.

My coworker thinks Bunny might be more Bugs, less Bunny.  He says she has a pronounced comb.  If you are knowledgeable in the ways of chick gender identification, I don’t want to know.  I’d rather just wait and see how it turns out.  You see, we are already captivated by Bunny.  She’s very sweet, and tiny, and when you flip her on her back she completely relaxes.

Buffy is more active – always running around, scratching in the bedding, and she’s bigger.  She’ll relax in your hand, but not like Bunny.  But, she’s also more curious.  And she sleeps less.

If you take one out of their box, the other starts chirping loudly.  Really loudly.  Like, “Oh my god, where did that other chick go?  I am All Alone!”  Or maybe more like, “Oh my god, something has snatched the other chick! Danger! Danger!”

I say all this like we really know what’s going through these little chicken brains, when we’re really only had them a few days.

All I know is that they are too cute for words and so fun to watch.


6 responses to “meet the chicks

  1. I LOVE Bunny…. she is so sweet and calm. What happens IF she turns out to be a HE?

  2. This post was the most hilarious thing I’ve read today… Love the names!!!

    • We’ve taken to calling the Buff Lady Orpington because once T realized we had chickens named Bunny and Buffy, he couldn’t bring himself to call her Buffy. Too many foo-foo names, I guess?

  3. They are sooooo cute! I’ve been wanting to raise chickens but where we live, don’t think the neighbors would appreciate it.

    • I’ll let you know how our chicken raising goes. We have the world’s craziest neighbor next to us, but we’re within city code and they can’t possibly make more noise than her screechy voice!

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