RIP, Halloweem Domo

I’m not really sure where I first came upon Domo.  But I saw the Target Halloween versions on ljcfyi and felt compelled to get one.  He came home with us and lived on top of a cabinet with Popper and Eeyore and the Highland Coo.

Then we did the kitchen remodel, which required everything cleaned out, cleared out, and stored in the front living room.  Everything was fine for the longest time, and then I guess the dogs got too curious.  Someone ventured into the room and found the stuffed animals (because if it’s stuffed it MUST be a dog toy!) and pulled poor Domo down for their enjoyment.

I didn’t see the carnage.  T got home before I did and cleaned it up.  But I guess he felt compelled to document the crime scene?

WARNING: if you are squeamish about stuffed animal innards or Domo-related violent crimes, please don’t continue!

so much stuffing...

so much stuffing...

probably didn't do it

probably didn't do it

not fixable

not fixable


3 responses to “RIP, Halloweem Domo

  1. Gah! You need to have a chalk outline to complete the crime scene.

  2. ahh another Domo bites the dust.

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