Trader Joe’s Corn Dogs

mmm... fake meat

mmm... fake meat

By no means do I consider myself a vegetarian.  I’ll dig into a good ribeye or pork roast without hesitation.  Granted, I have been looking into meatless meals and things out of consideration for our health, but I could never give it up completely.  For one, bacon is only bacon in its pure, fatty, porky form.  For another, most meat substitutes don’t really satisfy a meat craving (which leads me to wonder, if you’re a vegetarian, why are you craving meat?)  But, there are certain things that are so removed from meat form that I think meatless substitutes might work.  Soy chorizo is one.  Apparently, these corn dogs are another.

You have to admit, the biggest reason you’re eating a corn dog is for the corn-bready batter.  But they’re so bad for you, you really can’t justify indulging in them very often.  I haven’t eaten vegetarian hot dogs, so I don’t know what they’re like, but I can tell you that if you dip it in batter and fry it up, you can’t tell the difference.  I’ve heard Morningstar Farms makes a good meatless corn dog; I’ve also heard rumors that the Trader Joe’s version is actually the same as Morningstar Farms.  Whatever.  If you bake them so they’re crispy and swirl it through ketchup and mustard, it makes a decent snack.  Two and a glass of milk could even be considered dinner, if you’re lazy (which I often am if I don’t have to cook dinner for anyone else).

Just make sure the sticks are securely buried in the trash can so curious dogs can’t pull them and nibble on the extra-crunchy batter part that sticks to it.


5 responses to “Trader Joe’s Corn Dogs

  1. I have been eating these for 5 years now, my favourite guilty pleasure, although I’ve not had them for a while now I’ve switched from tj’s to fresh and easy for the most part.

  2. i live in fayetteville,n.c. where can i get trader joes vegge corn dogs . i’m missing the morning star ones .

  3. I am a vegetarian and I absolutely love these corn dogs. Threedogkitchen poster, you make a comment wondering why vegetarians would crave meat in the first place, (and before I was a vegetarian, I used to joke about the same thing). You may know already, but for those who don’t, I’ll explain my opinion. The answer is, humans in an omnivore culture, like much of the West (and other omnivores, I suspect) are conditioned toward the taste of meat. Most of us in that case grow up with it used as a primary food source. To suddenly change that eating lifestyle (as many do, including me) is to have to completely go against years of original “programming” (so to speak). So while I cannot bring myself to eat the flesh of another sentient being, the desire for those tastes are hardwired. In years that pass I may lose this taste, but everyone is different.

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