I found them!

I found the kinako puffs!  They are at Mitsuwa, which kind of makes sense since they are a Japanese grocery store.  I should have checked there earlier!

Having now eaten these, I can say that they are completely unline anything I have ever eaten.  They are crisp and puffy and ridiculously airy.  If you’re familiar with kinako powder, these are a little sweeter than most kinako snacks (including the one I found at Marukai) but not too sugary-sweet.  These puffs are so delicate that they just disintegrate in your mouth with the slightest pressure, but they are so good!  They’re also $5 a bag, which gets you 6 pouches with 6 puffs each.  It’s definitely an indulgence, people.  This is no bargain snack.  But they are really good.

There’s also a cheese flavor, which I didn’t buy.  I also really like the flavor of kinako, but I don’t know if it’s an aquired taste?  T says it kind of tastes like nothing.  I think it’s slightly nutty, but very faint.  I don’t think it’s offensive or bad, though, in any case.  It’s good!

Also, sorry for the poor photos.  My iPhone didn’t want to focus, apparently.

two puffs remaining

can you see the airy insides?


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