please bear with me

I had a bunch of neat picture-posts of road trip iPhone pictures that I had taken while on vacation, and I tried to post them, but I also upgraded my iPhone to 3.0 and this apparently is not compatible with whatever version of the WordPress app that was loaded.  So, all my phone posts disappeared into thin air.

Since it seems like I hardly have any time at all to sit down at a real computer, much less transfer photos from my camera to said real computer, being able to post a few notes here and there from my iPhone seemed ideal.  Until it stopped working.

In the meantime, we had a lovely vacation with our friends and I stand by my claim that they may be the only two people I would consider spending 10 days in a car with. 

Before we left, I haphazardly started a batch of kombucha using half a bottle of GT’s Kombucha, citrus flavor.  I wasn’t sure if it would actually work, but I came home to find a nice SCOBY (or whatever it’s called) in the jar and then blended the resulting sour tea with strawberry puree.  It’s a little tart (okay, it’s way tart), so I’ll be looking into some sweeter fruits for mixing, perhaps?

There was also a nice harvest of lemon cucumbers and cherry tomatoes waiting in the garden, and I turned it into a tasty chopped salad.  The corn didn’t really pan out, and the eggplants aren’t producing as much as the ones last year did, but I think it’s still going to be a tasty summer.

T seems a little more endearing to the chicken-keeping idea, although I don’t think he’s willing to build a coop.  I’m actually waffling over whether to try and build one myself or just buy the really cute (but so expensive) Eglu Cube tractor.  I ran the numbers (seriously, I made a spreadsheet) and determined that 2 chickens could pay for their Eglu in 8 years, if you compare it to the cost of supermarket eggs.  If you factor in the cost of organic, free range eggs (like $4/dozen!) then the chickens will have earned their keep in only 4 years.  I also discovered that adding a third chicken drastically reduces the cost recovery time, but I think that may be pushing my luck.


One response to “please bear with me

  1. I’ll buy eggs off you! Or barter for cake!

    I noticed this hack from Ikea, not sure if it helps…

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