weekends rock

I love weekends.  Weekends where the weather is beautiful and we have no real committments are even better.  We kicked off last weekend with some fine Irish pub grub at Patrick’s, then some Rock Band, apple pie, and ice cream sundae-makings, and a couple of late 70s-early 80s wacky movies.   We spent the entire Saturday working in the backyard – making the garden area bigger, tilling the soil and adding amendments, clearing a spot for T to grow hops, securing (and planting) lavender plants, and mowing the lawn.  We were going to build a real fence around the garden, but it would have cost something like $300.  Instead, we bought a couple of posts and T is going to make me a real gate.  The rest of the fence will be chicken wire, as it has been.  Which works just fine, in my opinion – it lets in all the sunshine, keeps the dogs out, and the beans have something to grow on.

On Sunday, to celebrate the nice weather, we took a motorcycle ride out to Julian with friends.  Well, our destination was Jeremy’s on the Hill, a restaurant in Santa Ysabel.  They serve breakfast on Sunday, and we were rewarded with some truly delicious food.  I had the biscuits and sausage gravy; it was definitely not made with lowfat milk!  But, boy, was it good.  T had an omelet with homefries, and it seemed to have the perfect ratio of egg to ham and cheese.  I also snagged a bite of a blueberry pancake and I have to say it was one of the better pancakes I’ve ever eaten.  Maybe one of these days we’ll get to go back for lunch.

We ended up taking the long way home, going through Julian (where apple butter was purchased), down Sunrise Highway, and then back home via some roads that parallel the 8 (don’t ask me, I just follow the bike in front of me).  It should be noted that our little motorcycle gang includes a Vespa, and you’d be impressed by how well that Vespa keeps up.  After the ride, we had just a bit more yard work to do, and then it was conveniently time for dinner.

Because we hadn’t seen enough of them, we also met up for dinner at Domenic’s.  Domenic’s is actually close enough to our house where we can walk to dinner, which we’ve done a few times.  The last time we did that, we took a bottle of wine (they’re running a no-corkage fee promotion) and finished it off, just the two of us, so walking was the safest mode of transportation.  But, Domenic’s is also running a special where you can order any Solo Pasta for $10.  Their pasta list is pretty extensive and I don’t think we’ve ordered the same one in the last few visits.  You don’t get a salad with the pasta, but you do get buttered, garlic carrots and the fresh garlic knots.  Between all that, you’ll definitely be full even without an appetizer or a salad.  This last time, we were talked into getting tiramisu, which was good, but not as good as mine.

After all that, it was back home for pajamas, a little bit of Book Club, and then bed.  After a hard-working, hard-playing weekend, I was definitely ready for bed.  I like weekends like that.  We got a lot of things on our to-do list done, we got to see our friends, and we had a lot of fun. 

And now it’s March.  I’m not really sure how that happened, but here we are. 


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