Weight Watchers Pecan Crowns


You hear a lot about the Weight Watchers program.  I think it’s great that it works for so many people.  It would never work for me.  I don’t have the patience to 1) look up the point value of everything I eat or 2) keep track of all those points throughout the day.  I can’t even keep track of how many glasses of water I actually drink.

However, I was sent a package of their Pecan Crowns, made by Whitman’s.  You remember Whitman’s, right?  The yellow box full of two layers of assorted chocolates with the “map” of chocolates on the inside cover?  I mean, they were nowhere near as tasty as the See’s chocolates, but See’s also didn’t give you a road map of what pieces to avoid.  You had to cut corners off See’s candies to check which one was the coconut cream and which one was full of caramel.

Sometimes I’m a chocolate snob, favoring fancy pieces from chocolatiers instead of common brands.  Other times, I just want something simple and consistent.  Dove dark chocolate pieces are my favorites.  So, I was perfectly willing to try a Whitman’s Pecan Crown before dismissing them outright.

You’re going to think I’m lying, but they’re actually kind of good.  It’s just a plain milk chocolate, but it’s covering buttery caramel and nice pieces of pecans.  It definitely takes care of a sweet tooth craving, and it’s a fairly decent-sized piece so that one is actually enough.  I wouldn’t call it a high-quality chocolate, but if you’re counting calories and want something with chocolate and caramel, this would be the thing.  Plus, one candy is only 1 Weight Watchers Point, if that means something to you (it doesn’t, really, to me since I don’t know how many Points you can have in a day to begin with).


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