more birthday

I was going to wish my baby a Happy Birthday here and sing his praises to the Internet, but he doesn’t ever read this and I’m pretty sure the Internet is already aware of how awesome I think he is.

So, I suppose it will suffice to say that today is his birthday, he was spoiled appropriately by me with gifts, and we will be having a party with a pinata this weekend.

I will say this about him: I have never met, let alone been in a relationship with, someone who is so openly communicative with me about what’s going on in his head (and his heart).  And if he feels like there are issues on which we haven’t been communicating well, not only is he willing to work on that, but he’s most likely the one taking the initiative and starting that conversation.  I have never felt like he was playing games and I don’t ever wonder if he is just saying something without meaning it.  He’s not a completely open book, but he is pretty open.

And, boy, do I love him.


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