am sick, please hold

Somehow, what started as a mild sore throat, seemingly under control with tea, Zicam, and Ricola, zoomed out of control into some crazy head/chest cold that modern medicine has yet to conquer. Dayquil doesn’t work because it sends the congestion into my chest (more coughing). Antihistamines don’t seem to dry me out enough (still coughing). Cough medicine isn’t helping. My head is floaty, my nose is raw (despite the Puffs Plus), and my chest hurts from the big coughs.

I am totally ready to not be sick. If anyone has any idea how to accomplish this instantaneously, I’d much appreciate it.


5 responses to “am sick, please hold

  1. Maybe have bronchitis? Mine started off as a sore throat two Sundays ago and now I have a dry hacking cough. Robitussin cough and Herbal Expec (from Whole Foods) is keeping me functioning with only two days out from work.

  2. Oh dear. You might need to go to the doctor eventually to get antibiotics. Rest up too. Sucks. Get well soon.

  3. I blame T. (In the most friendly, lovingly way possible, of course.)

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