Happy Birthday, Baby!

it's a baby!

it's a baby!

Happy Birthday, little Baby!  We’ve been waiting a long time for you!

This sweet little guy made his debut mere hours before he was supposed to be induced.  How’s that for a dramatic entrance?  You should all envy his mom.  She had the easiest pregnancy, never got uncomfortable, only gained baby-weight in the belly, and baby arrived in just about 6 hours.  He’s a cute baby, not scrunchy and red at all, with perfect tiny toes and fingers.  Plus, when we saw him, he was totally mellow and not at all screechy (like the baby next door).  Hopefully he stays that way.

I can honestly say that I’ve been concerned about how this baby was going to change our dynamic, but having now met him, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun being his Aunty.  Holding him doesn’t make me want a baby of my own, but it was amazing how quickly I fell in love with him.


3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Baby!

  1. Bless, I’m glad everything went well. I love my little niece but I’m very happy to be an aunt but not a mom!

  2. What a cute little guy. Name please? Am so happy all went well with the delivery. Best wishes for all involved.

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