Eggnog, purchased

Last year, I made my own eggnog.  I think I had been watching Alton Brown on Good Eats and it seemed easy enough.  So, I made it, cooking the custard to somewhat settle fears of salmonella and it was delicious.  I used 2% milk (that’s all we ever have) and it was still creamy and rich and decadent.  But it also made quite a bit and we just don’t drink that much eggnog so I haven’t made it since.

This year, I just bought a carton.  I think we bought some as soon as we came home from Thanksgiving.  It was probably Knudsen brand eggnog, but I didn’t like it.  Too sweet, too cloying, too something.  I even mixed it with regular milk to dilute it, but it didn’t help.  In the end, the dogs got their first taste of eggnog.  They’re still alive and well,. so I don’t want to hear tales of nutmeg poisoning or something.  The rest of the eggnog went to make an eggnog bourbon cake.  It’s just like making a rum cake, except you replace the non-oil liquids with eggnog and grab the bourbon bottle instead of digging around for the rum bottle.  You can’t really taste the eggnog, but no one really cares about that when you’ve offered them cake soaked in booze.  Also, you can get away with just under half a cup of egg substitute (if you are out of eggs) and no one will notice.  I attribute this to the afore-mentioned booze soaking.

Now, I found I was actually sad that I hadn’t enjoyed my one and only cup of holiday eggnog.  So, the next time I was at the store (buying meatballs, Heinz chili sauce, and grape jelly for T’s potluck) I went for a new carton.  I had a choice of Horizon Organic eggnog or the Southern Comfort brand.  I went with Horizon Organic because I didn’t have much confidence in a brand of eggnog made by a liquor company – would I have to add booze to make the eggnog palatable? 

This eggnog is so good.  It’s just sweet enough, it has pieces of (what I assume as) nutmeg, and it’s thick but not goopy.  I still mix it with milk, but it makes a delicious treat.  I’m pretty sure this carton won’t get turned into booze cake.  I know Christmas is almost over, but remember it for next year.  Spend a little more and buy the Horizon Organic eggnog.  It’s totally worth it.

I also feel a little vindicated after reading this comparison.


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