All I want for Christmas

… well, now, I don’t even know what I want for Christmas.  Do you?

Remember when Christmas lists were easy?  All you had to do was watch the commercials during your favorite cartoons or covet some toy at your best friend’s house. 

These days, I can honestly say there isn’t anything on my Christmas wish list.  I guess that also goes for birthday lists, too.  I mean, sure, there are little things that I like or items that I just haven’t convinced myself to buy, but nothing special.  They’re all practical things, like pull-out shelves for the kitchen cabinets (which aren’t really cheap) or a new outdoor weather thermometer, or a new pair of comfy yoga pants.  Except I haven’t really identified the pair of yoga pants that I like, so it’s even a mystery to me.

Remember when Christmas was about piles of wrapped boxes and counting to see who had the most?  And then wondering why your sister had one more present than you did?  Now I see why adults aren’t so big on presents, why White Elephant exchanges are more fun, and why we get more excited over the lint rollers the dogs “receive” for Christmas.  I mean, presents are fun, and there’s nothing like picking out that perfect gift (even a small one) for someone and watching their face light up as they realize it’s something they didn’t even know they wanted until now.  But, in this busy crazy month when people are out of town and then just trying to catch their breath, I think I can honestly say I’d savor a nice night out with friends over gift exchanges and unwrapping presents.  Some time to see them, a nice meal, and excuse to go out.   Plus, we’re all getting to the point where we have enough “things” for our households.

I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays, the Christmas break, or however you choose to celebrate these upcoming days.  We’ll be making the trek to Las Vegas, spending time with my family (and his), and hopefully meeting my sister’s new guy.  We get Christmas Day to ourselves, just us and the dogs (and Clair) and some quiet.  Maybe we’ll go out for Chinese food!  Maybe we’ll discover who else is open on Christmas Day.  I’m looking forward to it, to all of it, and we’ll see you on the other side – zooming straight to the beginnings of 2009!


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