“Climate change”

This is the part of the “blog” where I just start blurting out random things that have been on my mind.  Because, while life has certainly kept us busy, there’s not anything significant really going on.  Does that make sense?  We’re doing things, and they’re not mundane, every day, wash-the-dishes kind of things, but they’re also not life-changing, mind-blowing, secrets-revealed types of things.  Maybe that doesn’t make sense.  In any case, that kind of sums up how my brain feels lately. 

I do not approve of this wonky heat wave we’ve been having.  Mother Nature, you had your chance.  I was perfectly willing to let you sweep in with the hot, dry, windy days in October.  But you procrastinated, October came and went, and I was getting ready for hot cocoa weather.  Now we’re getting to the end of November and you’re breaking out the Santa Ana winds and crazy wildfires.  This is not cool.  You didn’t tell us you were behind schedule; we all just figured maybe we’d get a break this year.  I’ll make a deal with you: You keep the fires away from my home and I’ll let this schedule lapse slide.  But can we get on with the chilly winter nights already?  How am I supposed to enjoy my peppermint Jo-Joes when it’s 90 degrees outside??

This morning I brewed a pot of coffee before I left for work.  Just a pot of regular ol’ Maxwell House.  Nothing fancy.  It was a fairly new container, though.  Have you ever had a perfect cup of coffee that reminds you why you love coffee to begin with?  Rich and roasty, just sweet enough and balance with milk… that was my coffee this morning.  And it made me happy.

The economy is doing weird things to the consulting business.  Some are doing well, some are just hanging on.  Some of my friends are light in work, some are doing their best not to go crazy with their late nights and long hours.  It’s not even like they’re in vastly different fields… I guess it just depends on what companies are winning the work.  Work has been on my mind lately.

Time has been on my mind, too.  When do we get to the point where I don’t feel like it’s all going by too quickly?  We’re throwing a dinner party this weekend and I’m totally unprepared.  Usually, I have the menu and the time line and the shopping lists all prepared.  I know what food is going into what dish.  I barely have a rough menu put together.  I haven’t even counted how many people are coming over.  But I’m not going to worry.  That’s why we have the friends that we have.  Even if dinner is less than perfect, we’ll still have a good time.

We’ve been having our own private Habitat project going on.  Our friends are having a baby, the first in our little circle.  Being well aware of this whole time zooming by phenomenon, we were concerned that this little baby would come home to an unfinished, unpainted nursery and a bathroom that doesn’t quite have its walls done.  So, we basically stormed in and spent a day painting, scraping, sanding, patching, caulking, and doing whatever else needed to be done.  Many hands make light work and all.  We got a lot done and I think the house will be in good shape, with plenty of time for finishing touches to welcome a pretty baby.  T went over this week on his own, kind of wanting to keep the motivation going.  It’s exciting, but also a tiny bit weird.  What will it be like when a baby gets added to our group? 

T’s mom is coming to visit at the end of next month.  We’ll take a trip out to Vegas while she’s here.  T is accumulating a pile of newspaper clippings with Christmas shows, new restaurants, and other activities to add to the list.  There’s a baby shower to plan, holiday parties to attend, and a big birthday milestone to celebrate.  I guess two birthday milestones.  My little sister turns 25 next month.  Her car insurance will go down!  That’s pretty much the only thing that really happens at 25. 

I have federal jury duty next month.  I don’t even know what that entails, other than the fact that I’m on call for an entire month.  Lame.  Let me tell you right now: if you’ve ended up in a federal court case, I think you’re probably guilty.  Either that, or someone with a lot of clout wants you to be guilty and I’m not sure I want to get in the middle of that.  I’m not a very good juror. 

When did we get so busy?  When did I get so overwhelmed that even the prospect of folding sheets sound like too much?  Maybe it’s always been like this.  Maybe I’ve just forgotten how we plow through until we get to the other side of January and then sit and breathe quietly for a little bit.  And then psyche ourselves up to do it all over again.  Don’t get me wrong; this is a good life.  I just wish I could slow down a little to savor it a bit more.


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