oh… hey…

Long time no see.  Yeah, I’m still here.  Barely, though.  I mean, it’s been kind of a crazy week(s).  I had the best intentions to actually download pictures off my camera and then post them (which would mean giving you a real post) but I don’t know what happened.  Well, yes, I do.

T went out of town a week early for a company training program.  Then my mom and aunt came for a visit, which was totally fun and involved good food, but also overlapped with a Board meeting and then they actually didn’t get dinner that night.  I took them to the airport way early in the morning after a late night that involved, uh, talking about things*.  Also, **.  Then there was laundry to do, a cat to set up with food and clean litter, dogs to pay attention to, packing and more packing, and then I was off – zoom! – to Pittsburgh for a conference.

Pittsburgh, by the way, is an okay city.  Cleaner than you would think, but there’s not too much to do.  Also, the South Side bar area is kind of, well, Pittsburgh-y and I’m not ashamed to admit at certain points I was a little wary.  And, Andy Warhol was kind of a weird dude.  But he had a stuffed lion and Great Dane in his musum.  They were gifts, I guess, from people who found them or purchased them, already stuffed.

You would think that conferences full of engineers would be boring and I would be there kicking and screaming.  But I enjoy them.  There are plenty of people my age and we tend to see each other at these conferences, year after year.  So, at this one, I became a Vegas groupie.  This had many advantages, actually.  One, the Vegas group is a lot of fun and includes one very tall guy so you can’t ever lose him in a crowd.  Two, the Vegas people are very good at collecting strays, but even more importantly, they are good at not leaving people behind.  So I never had to worry about heading off to a bar and turning around to find myself alone.  Usually, T keeps track of me (and other people) but he wasn’t there, so I had to re-strategize.

T flew in from Boston, then we zipped back home (on separate flights where one – not mine – was delayed quite a bit) and fell into bed.  Somehow after that, the week went by in a flash and now it’s practically the weekend again.

By the way, I did have a point I was going to make.  It’s why I was posting.  But now I’ve forgotten it altogether.  People, this is why, when so many other (better) “bloggers” are committing to a post every day, I’m just content to give you nonsensical rambling on a random schedule. 

* T sincerely felt bad that I ended up in that conversation all by myself, with no support.
** He also really wishes we had been able to stick to the original plan where we were both well armed with cute puppies. Seriously. That was our plan. I think it would have worked, too.


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