How amazing is it to see our first African American President?  I have to admit, I’m glad the female vote wasn’t swayed by Sarah Palin.  Even sitting here all alone in the living room, playing referee between the dog inside and the dog outside who wants to come inside, I was still moved and in awe to hear Obama give his acceptance speech.  It just feels like a momentous moment.  And it kind of gives me hope for our country.  Not so much the economy and immediate changes, but as a whole.

I also caught a bit of McCain’s speech and when he mentioned Obama, the crowd actually booed!  That’s just poor manners, people.  Even McCain gently admonished them, saying that he would support this man who was once his opponent but will now be his President.  That’s cool.  Did anyone notice that when Obama mentioned McCain, his crowd applauded?  Granted, they’re on the winning side, but still…

In between internet refreshing and tv watching, I’ve been trying to pack.  While fighting a newly formed cold.  Because I’m flying to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a conference.  Nothing better than slogging through a conference with a cold!  Wish me luck.

Now I’m off to bed with some NyQuil.  Welcome to our new era.  I can’t wait to see what the future brings.


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