Go Vote!

Did you vote today?  I didn’t.

Wait, wait!  I didn’t vote today because we’ve already sent in our mail-in ballots.  Last year we registered to be permanent mail voters, mainly because it’s more convenient than finding our polling place and standing in line.  It was actually pretty nice.  When I got my ballot, I filled in the ones I was sure of, then finished the voting and propositions as I read about them.

Some people only vote for some items, but I vote for everything.  I don’t think there’s a right way or a wrong way, but I do like to feel like my vote counts.  I know there are a few issues in California that seem like they’ve been decided by the majority, but maybe my vote will help with the margin.  You never know.

I’m ready for a change, I think happy animals make for happy meals (sorry, vegetarians), and I don’t understand how allowing everyone to marry someone makes “your” marriage less meaningful.  I’m also curious to see how some of the City ballots go, as I don’t get to vote on those (being in the city of Poway and not San Diego).

Whatever your beliefs, I hope you used your right to vote.  It’s an amazing privilege we have and we should use full advantage of it.


2 responses to “Go Vote!

  1. Good for you! Thanks for voting! Hopefully I will too one day. I’m a veggie but I think happy animals make for happy meals too, so I’m always looking for humanely bred stuff for hubby to eat.

  2. I voted! I didn’t get my mail ballot until Monday (name and address change…) so I dropped it at a polling place on my way to work. I’m extremely disappointed by the fact that prop 8 appears to have passed, but it was really exciting to see Obama win the election. Hope you feel better soon!

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