Happy Halloween!

If you happen to see this wolf running around town, please alert the authorities.  I mean, you can’t let wolved just go around eating grandmother’s and blowing down houses.  It’s just not right.

Actually, if you happen to see this particular wolf running through town, could you please call me?  It means my dog is loose.

My work-appropriate costume this year was Little Red Riding Hood.  Not Sexy Little Red Riding Hood, just regular Little Red Riding Hood with Really Cute Shoes.  T went to work as the Dog Whisperer, complete with wacky roller skates and goatee.  He took a stuffed dog to work to complete his outfit, but I told him when we go out tonight I’ll dress up as a Dalmatian for him.


One response to “Happy Halloween!

  1. i saw your halloween pic on cami’s blog and will you please tell t for me that he makes the absolute best cesar milan i have ever seen in my life? i laughed for like ten minutes when i saw that.

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